Shoes take you places

Fashion Review – What are your go-to shoes?

Gwen Lim, Staff writer

No matter where you’re going, it’s definite that you are going to wear shoes on your journey.  Shoes are essential and wearing good shoes may guide you to the right path of confidence.  So let’s see what Armijo students are wearing on their path to success.

Everyday & Long Lasting Shoes

For everyday shoes,  Janet Casillas chose a playful yet casual look, and said, “Every day, I usually choose to wear my CDGs (Comme Des Garçons Converse).”

CDGs give a boost from the original casual looking Converse shoes, and add the fun graphic heart made by Filip Pagowski and Rei Kawakubo.

De’Mauriae Ross in his Doc Martens.  Source: @_tall_fella__ on Instagram.

If you want a boost in height, you can be like De’Mauriae Ross, who’s already very tall, but wears shoes that boost his height even more.  He said, “I mainly wear Doc Martens, the platforms every day. I got them off the Doc Martens webstore.  I think that Doc Martens should have more hype.  Like, they’re already trending online, but in this school not so much.”

Also, in order for you to feel comfortable wearing a certain shoe every day, you need to make sure that the shoe you are wearing will last long.  Casillas said, “What shoes last long? My [Jordan] 1s in black.“

Josh Ibrahim said something similar. “Jordan 1s last long.  I prefer the Colorway Pine Green for Jordan 1s.”  Jordans tend to last long and according to Anthony Levine, a sneaker blogger, “Current Air Jordans in production may use slightly different midsole materials and have a bit better tech overall, even in retro releases. This helps stave off some of the drying out and crumbling for longer. Still, even modern releases are susceptible to aging out over time.”

If you’re not into Jordans much, it’s okay!  Ross said, “I’ve had the Nike Air Maxes since the beginning of the school year.  They last long.  Air Forces last long too. Doc Martens last long too if you keep them in good condition.”


Comfortable or Fashionable Shoes?

No matter the shoe you’re wearing, it usually falls into being either more comfortable or more fashionable.  Casillas said, “It depends on the day… If I’m going to go for a walk, like you know, museum, park, things like that, then comfy.  But if it’s something like school or something, then I’ll choose my shoes to be fashionable.

Ibrahim said, “I recommend Foam Runners since they’re comfy. I pick out my shoes to be more comfy.”

Or you could be like Ross, who chooses his shoes to be both comfortable and fashionable.  He said, “I pick out my shoes to be more comfortable and more fashionable.  Like with my platforms, I got a size too small.  I got a [size] 12, when I wear a 13, so you know they’re kind of comfortable but they’re not.”

Shopping for Shoes

When shopping for shoes, you want to have a clear look on all the aspects.  Aaron Vang said, “Color is a key aspect to look for when buying shoes.  I buy my shoes online., like on the app.“

Color is really important, and it’s best to have a shoe colorway that can go with any outfit.  “White on white shoes. That [colorway] goes with every outfit,” said Vang.

Casillas said, “Black and red usually goes with every fit for me. Look for a pop of color and something that flows with your outfit when buying shoes.  My fav colorway to buy is red and black, if not University Blue for any Jordans.”

Another key aspect to observe when buying shoes is the price.  Ibrahim said, “How much the shoe goes for is a key aspect.  $300 max – Jordan 1 Lows are affordable.  Also, avoid buying shoes that cost too much money.  Or if it’s too worn down if you’re buying used shoes.  Jordan 5s are underrated.  The Anthracite Jordan 5s go for a lot, like they’re expensive, but they’re underrated.”

Ross added his opinion on shoe prices. “ If the shoe is over $200, it’s too much.  Or if it’s in the thousand range, that’s just way too much,” he said. “For example, those Jordans that are $1,000 are not worth the money.  Or like in hypestores. Those Vapor Max shoes go for a lot, but honestly they look like shoes that SpongeBob would wear.”

Now where should you buy your shoes?  Casillas said, “I shop on Nike, Adidas, and GOAT for resale.”

Reselling is common in the shoe community, and Ibrahim adds more onto it. “I shop for shoes with local resellers. Like on EBay, you can find local resellers on Instagram or on Facebook.  In the mall, I go to Foot Locker, Shoe Palace, and Finish Line.  Oh, and some advice, resell shoes to make more money to buy more shoes,” he said.