Independent living is a universal goal

In This Class – Vocational Life Skills


Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash

The road to success looks different for each person.

One of the primary goals of students in high school is to learn how to live independently, whether it is by going off to college, joining the military, or getting a job. While most students have their goals set on a diploma, there are several who based on their individual education plans (IEP) are looking at earning a certificate of completion where they can leave high school and be productive, healthy members of society.

The Vocational Life Skills class is designed to prepare those students for “adult careers and independent living,” according to the FSUSD course catalog. “Students will be taught the components of a healthy lifestyle, how to locate and maintain a household, safety practices, financial responsibilities, basic computer skills, healthy relationships, self-advocacy, career preparation, and post-secondary options,” the catalog says.

Students pursuing a certificate of completion follow a curriculum that includes English, Math, Health, Government & Community, and Social Science.

Like students in other programs on Armijo’s campus, these students leave the school with a variety of skills to help them live in the world around them.