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Club Focus – French Club


Photo by Lucas Albuquerque on Unsplash

Before you visit in person, learn about the people, the culture and the language.

Amia Taylor, Staff writer

For the last 12 years, there has been a French Club at Armijo, a club that welcomes everyone interested in French culture and the language, not just speakers of the language.

Every Wednesday at lunch, in A-9, club members meet with Ms. Mandana Radmanesh to make posters related to the theme of the month, watch French movies, eat crepes, croissants and other French food, and work on fundraising. This month they will be selling Valentine’s Day roses, for instance.

The club members get to decide what they do with the money that they earn from their fundraising. Last year they donated the money to the Garden Club and the year before they donated to the homeless and needy.

The French Club is a valuable place for students who are interested  in French culture and the language to come together and share that interest with likeminded students. Anyone can join and take part in the fun.