A benefit and a blessing on campus

Ms. Anderson – College & Career adviser


Alicia Marshall

Ms. Anderson helps students reach their full potential.

Ayanna Jackson, Staff writer

Ms. Sandy Anderson is an integral part of the Armijo High School staff. She is available to help all students with their futures, but she primarily works with helping seniors prepare for their future after graduating from the campus.

This is Ms. Anderson’s tenth year serving as the College & Career adviser and she has many responsibilities. She helps students, especially seniors, with colleges and career planning. She helps students in all grades as they explore financial aid, jobs, resumes, and assessments.

Ms. Anderson’s service benefits all students in school and in their careers. She has worked in the school industry for quite some time, and during her decade at Armijo she has grown to love the teachers here and the staff.

She also has great respect for the students at Armijo. She enjoys working with them all, but has found that the students in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program are incredibly driven in other schools where she has worked, she had to deal with many disrespectful students, but things are different at Armijo. The challenge is to reach them with all of the special programs, guest speakers and messages that she has to share from week to week.

“I want all the students to check their emails and take advantage of all my services because not a lot of schools have College & Career advisers,” she said. She wants students from all grade levels, from freshmen to seniors, to visit her office in the library. “You don’t just have to be a senior to talk to me,” she said.

When she is not working, Ms. Anderson enjoys exercising and she spends a lot of time with her family, going on hikes and traveling on vacations. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois, but attended Kamiai Community College in Hawaii before coming to Chico State in California. She then transferred to Sacramento State where she graduated with a major in Business.