Take a chance on meeting your best friend

National Make a Friend Day – February 11


Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Every friendship starts with a smile.

Kiyana Mitchell, Staff writer

National Make a Friend Day is February 11. It is an important opportunity year round because people get to meet new people they also get to make new friends.

It’s not easy to make a friend, but on this day people are encouraged to do just that. It’s a good chance for people to explore the world and get to know other people, and one of the best things about it is that if one person makes a friend on National Make a Friend Day, then two people make a friend.

On this day, you are encouraged to go out of your way to make a friend. Join a club and meet someone new. Say hello to a stranger in the lunch line and tell them it is National Make a Friend Day. Get to know someone in your class that you haven’t talked to before.

There are lots of ways to celebrate this day, but the simplest one is to share a smile with someone and let the magic happen.