Saving money little by little

At Work (Jayson Hubbard, Walmart)



Each paycheck is an investment in his future.

Kaiden Taylor, Staff Writer

For Jayson Hubbard, there’s one main reason for working, and that is the paycheck. While customer service and punctuality keeps him on task so that he can keep his position at Walmart, at the end of the day it is the money that keeps him focused, and his mother has helped him see the benefits to earning that paycheck month after month.

This isn’t Hubbard’s first job. Originally he worked as a security guard, which did pay better than his current job at Walmart, where he earns $17 an hour.

As a security guard, he was responsible for checking people’s bags with a metal detector to see if they were carrying anything that should not be brought into the site. It was an enjoyable job and easy for him.

Then and at his current job, Hubbard prefers to start his day by listening to music and just relaxing before “the craziness starts,” he said. The way he motivates himself to do difficult tasks at work is to focus on the money that we will receive later on. That money is important because he’s working towards fixing his car which has dents and scratches.

His schedule may vary from week to week, which means the amount on his paycheck does, too, but Hubbard knows how to put some of that money aside so that it adds up and, in the end, he can enjoy the results of his labor.