Siblings share a special bond

Sibling Spotlght – Jesus, Susana, and Camila Munguia


These three do almost everything together.

Abril Tellez Tamayo, Elections Editor

The Munguia siblings have a great bond with one another. Jesus and Susana are twins in their senior year and close to graduating, while Camila is in the middle of her second year at Armijo. “Honestly it’s kind of sad because she still has two years left and I just feel like she’s going to be alone, but I’m still going be there for her” said Jesus. Susana feels the same way about leaving her sister behind.

Camila was inspired by her older sister to play volleyball and it’s one of her main hobbies apart from drawing and practicing makeup. Jesus’ main hobbies are playing football, working out and being very interested in his Honda. Susana enjoys listening to music and hanging out with her siblings, and she used to play on the volleyball team.

The Munguia siblings were asked to describe each other. “I would describe my sister as funny and very random and brother as athletic and funny as well” said Susana.

“I’d say they are really funny, annoying and really smart too though and very helpful” said Jesus.

“I think my brother is really athletic,” said Camila. “I think he has inspired me in that way, he’s a really smart person and my sister is one of the best people I know, she’s really nice and she is also very smart.”

Their favorite childhood memories are having a family trip at Disneyland, crying about meeting the princesses and seeing Lightning McQueen. They also enjoy playing Nintendo games like Just Dance on the Wii and playing on the DS together.

The Munguia siblings all have a wonderful effect on each other’s lives and it’s a wholesome bond between the three of them.