Fall in love with your best friend

National Love Your Pet Day – February 20


Photo by Alec Favale on Unsplash

Every day is a day to love your pets, but this day is special.

Gabriela Mendez, Staff Writer

Almost everybody grows up having or dreaming of having a pet of some kind. We come to love them and do whatever we can for them, but did you know there is a day when you should be particularly loving and caring toward them?

National Love Your Pet Day, on February 20, encourages people to celebrate by giving pets extra care and attention. We can show them how much we care by getting them new treats and toys, playing their favorite game, getting them groomed, taking them on walks, or even just praising them. Every animal is included: fish, hamsters, fish, dogs, cats, and more critters!

Heinrich Zimmerman inspired this holiday with World Animal Day. His inaugural celebration in Berlin drew 5,000 participants. Although there was no actual justification for February 20 being declared National Love Your Pet Day, why not use the occasion to spend time with our animal friends? You might think you are doing them a favor, but spending time with your pet can help relieve your stress and lower blood pressure, and they will love the extra food and toys will provide for them.

Even if you don’t have a pet of your own, go to your local animal shelter and show them the love that they deserve, and maybe you can convince your family that this is the day to give a pet a forever home.