Ohana means family!


Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

From two people to two hundred, family can be defined in many ways.

The definition of a family is a group of two or more persons related by birth, marriage, oradoption who live together. However, many families are more complicated than that.

A family is a group of people who love each other more than they love themselves.

— Steve Simeone, comedian

People have so many different ideas of family because there are so many different types of families. Some families include single-parent, adoptive, or LGBTQ+ families; children living with grandparents; children living with large extended families, including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins; and children splitting time among different family members. Even just two people living together without children can be considered a family.

Families express their love and appreciation for each other in different ways. Some like to surprise each other with gifts, or schedule date nights and family trips so they get to spend time together. Others like to express their gratitude through words such as “I like spending time with you” or “I’m grateful that you did …” Individuals within a family may show love through acts of service, like cleaning to help people or decorating the house for special occasions.

Families support each other, are there for each other, listen to each other, work together, have fun with each other. Families are almost always around each other so if anyone knows you best, it’s probably your family. They do activities together such as watching movies, going on picnics, playing games, and cooking together. Being a family means having someone always there to support you and love you unconditionally, regardless of your differences and quirks.

A family by birth isn’t always the greatest, but friends can be family, too. Many people consider friends to be as close as — or even closer than — extended (or immediate) family. You can’t choose who you’re related to but you can always choose your friends!