Literary and Photographic Contest

Deadline: February 1; Award: $100 and more


Be the beholder, find the beauty and share it with others through photography and words.

We live in a changing world where our experiences unite us and where resilience helps us overcome obstacles, transform ourselves, and give value to various markers of our identity. We are who we are by being in touch with those experiences and connections with our people. These connections that, without realizing it, are created from abuelita’s oven to conversations with strangers on the metro, help us forge permanent bonds in our lives. Wherever it is, we always look for that space where we can celebrate together our connections that tie us to the Hispanic experience.

The best that the world has is in the many worlds that the world contains.”

— Eduardo Galeano

As the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano once said, “the best that the world has is in the many worlds that the world contains.” Therefore, this year we invite you to reflect on the following questions: How do you or your community celebrate these connections? How do you value those experiences with those people who leave a mark on your life?

One work will be awarded in each category: 1) photography & visual arts, 2) poetry, and 3) narrative/essay/academic investigation.

The selected works will be published in our magazine, and winners will receive a monetary prize of $100 and a certificate of recognition, and will be notified through email. Prizes will be issued in the spring of 2023.

For a work to be considered, the following specifications must be followed; if the specifications are not followed, the work will be eliminated:

  • The maximum number of works per author is two, which must be sent as separate files. Those submitting photography and visual arts works are allowed to send up to six works.
  • Written works must be written in Arial 12-pt font.
  • Academic works and essays must follow the current MLA or APA formatting style.
  • Maximum length allowed for the texts:

-Academic essays and investigations: 3000 words (including footnotes).

-Narrative: 2500 words.

-Poetry: 50 lines maximum.

Visual Arts: photographs must be in JPEG format and 300 PPI.

Selected works will be published in both the print and electronic versions of the HCR magazine. HCR reserves the right to publish the works exclusively in its digital version.

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