Music connects club members

Club Focus – K-Pop

This club is for those who love the style and those who love learning about it.


This club is for those who love the style and those who love learning about it.

Gabriela Mendez, Staff writer

Most people have heard of K-pop, also known as Korean pop. Many people enjoy listening to this style of music. It isn’t all that different from the music on regular radio, but just not in English.

According to, K-pop is divided into generations with famous groups in each generation.

  • First generation – H.O.T.
  • Generation 1.5 – Shinwa, BOA, Chakra
  • Second Generation – TVXQ, BIGBANG, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation
  • Generation 2.5 – SHINee, f(x), MissA, SISTAR
  • Third Generation – BTS, Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, GFRIEND
  • Generation 3.5 – SEVENTEEN, NCT, Wanna One,  andCosmic Girls
  • Fourth Generation – ITZY, Stray Kids,  and LOONA

These are just a few of the bands from various generations that are still active today. There are several K-pop groups that are just as great as the more well-known ones.

With all of the popularity of the music style, a K-Pop Club was created at Armijo last year to unite people and encourage conversation about this shared interest. Every Friday, this group gathers at AC-1 to play games, chat, learn dances, and do other K-pop-related activities. It’s a simple way to meet people and become involved in a cause you care about.

Because of the language barrier, K-pop is typically looked down upon, but the language is easily surpassed with the common appreciation for the style and music. Consider attending the K-pop Club, fall in love with the music and you never know how many other people might share your interest!