Hard work pays off for this senior

Senior Spotlight – Gema Preciado Rubio

Gema has her eyes on the prize with graduation in June.

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Gema has her eyes on the prize with graduation in June.

Armijo hosts some of the hardest working students in the district. Students come to school every day to learn and work hard in order to get the best education they can get.

Gema Preciado Rubio is one of those students. She started at Armijo as a freshman after coming over from B. Gale Wilson. A senior, she was working hard in the woodshop class before being asked for a brief interview.

She explained that, over the years, she has been able to stay on top of her schoolwork because she usually just does it all day at school.

When asked to categorize herself as either a hard worker or smart worker, she explained that she is a hard worker. She tends to get her work done as it is assigned so she doesn’t have to worry about it at home.

Preciado does use her time wisely at home, too. When her classwork spills over into her homework time, she works hard to stay on top of it, using her time to finish assignments she may have missed and staying on top of her work in order to not worry about falling behind.

These are skills that will pay off for her in the long run, whether it is through taking college classes or moving into the world of work. She’s also managed to learn how to balance her time and currently has a 1st period TA position, spends her afternoons in Woodshop classes and leaves campus after 5th period. In fall, she had earned a 4.0 on her report card.