Soccer striker scores on the field

Athlete focus – Betzey Ruiz, JV Girls’ Soccer

Betzey has some fancy footwork during every game.

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Betzey has some fancy footwork during every game.

Anne Aguilar, Staff writer

“This year I joined, not knowing most of the girls, but regardless, we grew a strong bond and I made new friendships,” said Betzy Ruiz. This year she has made it to the Junior Varsity (JV) Soccer team for Armijo as one of the forwards/striker. 

This is Ruiz’s second year of playing soccer. For her, being on the team is pretty fun, she became close to the others and they support each other. Ruiz is planning to try-out for the team next year as well. 

Soccer is a special sport for Ruiz because her family members have all played and it brings her family together. Growing up seeing her older siblings play made her want to try out, too.  

Ruiz wanted to try soccer because it seemed like soccer has always been in her life. She motivates herself and always tries to be better, especially when it comes to soccer. “Messi and Ronaldo are the top forwards of this era, but my soccer idol has to be Hugo Sanchez,” said Ruiz. “Not only did he become a legend in Real Madrid before Ronaldo, he also inspired him and many others… He is of Mexican origin, but his amazing talent took him to many places around the world.”