Braxton’s album is named for her sign

CD Review – Libra by Toni Braxton


While not her most popular album, Libra does have its strengths.

Toni Braxton is a 55-year old solo artist who made her break in the 2000’s. Born October 7, 1967, she released her album Libra September 27 of 2005. Her album is called Libra and as her birthday falls in early October she’s a Libra. She signed under the label Blackground Records. 

This album is one of 10 albums she’s made. It sold 355,000 copies the first months of its release. Since those first five months, it has sold 441,000 units. 

The album is a good R&B album. This album consists of ten different songs. It was in the 2000’s, so it had that old school R&B sound to it. 

All her songs are about love and how it worked out for her. Some are about falling in love and others are about heartbreak. The album wasn’t as successful as her other albums but it’s still good. 

Her most popular song in this album is Please, but she isn’t as known for this song, but more for her song Unbreak My Heart from her Secrets album released in 1996. 

The songs on Libra have a good feel for when you are cleaning or just in the mood to listen to some music. This album deserves an 8/10. I would give it this rating because it wasn’t her best but their still good songs. I would recommend this album to any R&B fan and anyone who just is in their feels.