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Far from Home (Markus Macias Contreras, New Mexico)

The shift from New Mexico to California wasnt as drastic, according to Macias

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The shift from New Mexico to California wasn’t as drastic, according to Macias

Ayanna Jackson, Staff Writer

Markus Macias Contreras left New Mexico and returned to California in 2019, but he was originally born in Fresno and eventually ended up at Crystal Middle School.

Upon his return from New Mexico, Macias landed at Armijo High School and now this 17-year old senior can look back at the differences between living in California and living in New Mexico. While many students at Armijo have hardly visited areas outside of Solano County, Macias admits that “there is nothing really different here than in New Mexico.”

That might not actually be true, especially when it comes to the terrain. “There’s a lot of sand” in New Mexico, and Macias likes California better because he really doesn’t like snow. Despite that, he is thinking about returning to New Mexico, or possibly Colorado, after he graduates. He is considering attending Solano Community College and UC Davis to earn his degree.

Unfortunately, Macias doesn’t visit New Mexico anymore because all his family is in California. Like Macias, his sister Jaydy is at Crystal Middle School and she is in sixth grade. His sister Emily is a third grader at Crescent. It may be a few years before they are at Armijo, but it doesn’t look like the family will be moving back to New Mexico soon. Once again, the sisters will be able to walk along the same campus as their brother, years later.

When he is not at school, Macias likes to play video games and he also does martial arts.