Seize the day with this Disney hit

DVD Review – Newsies


Singing, dancing and selling newspapers create a worthwhile combination.

By Aveyah Benford, Contributing Writer

The classic movie Newsies made by Disney is about togetherness and teamwork.

The main character and leader, Jack (Cristian Bales) works as a newspaper seller. He and his friends make money by going into town and selling papers, but after a while the printers increase their prices and the boys have to make a decision – increase the price they charge their customers or decrease their profits.

Jack gets an idea to go on strike and gathers all his fellow newspaper sellers, called “newsies”, from near and far to rebel against the printers’ price hikes. Although the strike is successful, it does end up getting some of the newsies arrested. How will they manage to get out of this situation? You’ll have to watch it to see.

I liked this movie because it shows how the less fortunate have the ability to control the rich. I also like how they all come together and make a change for the better. The one drawback is that the movie is a musical and in almost every scene a person, or group of people, starts to spontaneously sing.