Money is his focus for the future

Senior Spotlight- Terrell Simmons


Natasha Newton

Terrell has his eyes on the prize, with only a few months left in school.

Ayanna Jackson, Staff writer

Terrell Simmons has certain goals in life. He plans to be rich and get money “no matter what!” he said. This might explain why his favorite subject is Math.

After he graduates in June, he expects to go to a trade school rather than a college. He said that going back to traditional education is not for him and he wants to get straight to work and make money.

While there are still several months to go, Simmons expects that the highlight of his senior year will be graduating and he hopes to have at least a 3.4 GPA. He has set this as a goal despite his dyslexia which makes reading challenging. Simmons has been attending Armijo since his freshman year, but he’s looking forward to sleeping in later after he graduates.

When he’s not at school, Simmons is usually either at work or watching his nephew. He enjoys going to work because he loves to make money and it keeps him occupied.

Like most students, Simmons has some favorites in life. His favorite food, for instance, is pizza while his favorite sport is football. He likes the color is purple.

He is leaving Armijo in June, but he knows that future seniors might need a few reminders to keep up their grades. “Don’t fall behind and have to do Edgenuity or go to continuation school to make up credits,” he said.