Steps toward the future

At Work – Saida Julius, The Habit


Saida balances school, volunteer work and a paying job with skill.

For Saida Julius, a regular work day at The Habit means taking and processing orders in an organized and accurate manner, but that’s not all. “I settle any customer disputes professionally and pleasantly,” she said. “I work to ensure a positive and hassle-free customer experience.”

Her basic uniform involves black shoes, black pants, and different colors of clothing with the name of the company on them. On average, she earns about $600 every two weeks, working about 20 hours a week.

Before working at The Habit, Julius worked at Wendy’s for almost a year in a similar position. “I took food and beverage orders, processed orders for customers, and kept the location running smoothly,” she said.

While working for a paycheck is important, Julius also finds time to volunteer at United Supportive Living. There she performs “various administrative and clerical tasks as needed and served as a support for the entire office staff,” she said. “I made payroll and collected and recorded Immunizations.”

She has many reasons for keeping busy and earning a paycheck, though. “I work for fun, to be independent, and to help my family financially,” she said. “I like the team spirit, how the managers make me feel safe and how some customers make me happy and motivated with their help and their advice. The most difficult part was how customers or managers get mad at you because of their bad day.”

Julius has learned a lot in these positions. “I am excellent in customer service and very organized. I always listen to customers and do anything managers or coworkers tell me to do without complaining. Some customers always tell me that I must always be proud of myself and have my head held high no matter what,” she said.

While these jobs are related to the fast food industry, they should help her reach her goal of becoming a businesswoman and an officer in the Army.