Hollywood has its own Royals



Europe isn’t the only place with royal dynasties.

The term Hollywood Royalty refers to actors who have been born to famous parents. Although people are inspired by their favorite celebrities working their way up to the top, some people were born into it. Having been in the spotlight since the day they were born has been a burden for some performers and a boon for others. Some have turned away from fame while others embraced that spotlight and made their own name.

Some Known “Hollywood Royalty”…

  • Jennifer Aniston (Parents: John Aniston & Nancy Dow)
  • Angelina Jolie (Famous Parent : Jon Voight)
  • Miley Cyrus (Famous Parent: Billy Ray Cyrus)
  • Emma Roberts (Famous Parent: Eric Roberts)
  • Dakota Johnson (Famous Parents: Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson)
  • Jaden and Willow Smith (Famous Parents: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith)
  • Colin Hanks (Famous Parents: Tom Hanks)

Celebrities you probably didn’t know had famous parents….

  • Rashida Jones (Famous Parent: Quincy Jones)
  • Billie Lord (Famous Parent: Carrie Fisher)
  • Zoë Kravitz (Famous Parents: Lisa Bonet & Lenny Kravitz)
  • Tracee Ellis Ross (Famous Parent: Diana Ross)
  • Emma Roberts (Famous Parent : Eric Roberts)
  • Sarah Hyland (Famous Parent : Sarah Hyland)

Some celebrities cannot avoid the spotlight, or would find it very hard to do so. Drew Barrymore is one of those whose own lineage led her down the path to success. According to My Heritage.com, “Drew Barrymore comes from a family of actors that not only includes her famous relatives—her great-aunt Ethel Barrymore, her great- uncle Lionel Barrymore and her grandfather John Barrymore—but stretches back at least 400 years to her fourth great-grandfather Thomas Haycraft Lane and fourth great-grandmother Louisa Rouse Lane, who were traveling actors. The name itself is a composite of her two acting families, the Drews, and the Barrymores. With so many generations of actors, acting was the family business and inevitability for many of them.” Drew started acting at the age of 4 in Altered States and has been in a role in a movie A Castle for Christmas as recently as 2021. She also has her own talk show and voiced her character in a 2022 episode of The Simpsons. If you had a famous parent what would you do? Would you embrace the spotlight and make a career thanks to your last name? Or would you shy away from being famous and live a more private life? Tell us in the comments below.