Let your voice be heard

In This Class: Choir

In choir class students learn to express a new form of creativity,

In choir class students learn to express a new form of creativity,

Every afternoon during the fifth period, Ms. Denise Hunter proudly teaches the choir at Armijo High School. This class, which meets in E-1, is made up of students of all grade levels, students who learn lots of different musical skills including singing in different pitches. Young singers are taught to show their voices and talents, whilst practicing for various upcoming concerts. With this educational experience, some students practice performing karaoke on Saturdays.

Ms. Hunter describes her class as “an interesting group” and admitted that things don’t always go as she planned. “We work together, though, and in the end, we fit,” she said. 

The class is divided into three groups – baritone, alto, and soprano. These groups vary in their pitch. For example, sopranos are high singers filled with girls, while baritones sing in a lower town and are generally guys. Ms. Hunter works on pitch and vocal tone with every person individually. 

Her main focus for the 2022 Winter Concert, which is scheduled for Thursday, December 15, has been “to get the students more serious about singing,” she said. She has been working hard to focus all of the performers, and get them to work and improve on weaknesses during rehearsals. In this concert, students are singing many of America’s famous and beloved Christmas songs, such as “Carol of the Bells”, and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Ms. Hunter has great faith in her class and predicts that students will do well in the upcoming performance.

At least one more performance is scheduled for the second semester and the students in the Choir class are expected to give their best in future rehearsals as well as in front of their audience.