Soon is becoming the present

Senior Spotlight-Curtis Craig


Alicia Marshall

Curtis has his eyes on the future, which is almost here.

Curtis Craig, also known as Curtis “Loser” Craig by his beloved math teacher Mr. Alex Alves and classmates, has started his final year at Armijo High School. “I feel pretty confident about my senior year,” he said. “It’s just kind of like relieving to be done with school and just being like ‘this is the last year!’, so it’s pretty good.”

The most memorable thing he will remember about Armijo would be the people and the teachers. “I feel like this school has probably, at least to me personally, the teachers I get along with the most,” he said.

Craig is not a part of any clubs in particular, but he is in a marching band and enjoys it a lot. The band competitions are something that get him really excited and where he has a lot of fun. He is also a musician outside of school and always working on music. It’s a huge part of his life and one of his hobbies is to perform at different venues.

“Freshmen that are annoying tend to get bullied and they go through this whole ‘People don’t like me phase’” he said. “I feel like that gets them down.” Some advice he would give to freshmen would be, “Don’t be annoying and you’ll be fine.”

Ten years from now, Craig imagines himself somewhere in the medical field. Planning for the future is one of the obstacles in his senior because he has put it off in the past, but it is soon becoming the present.