Armijo hosts county sporting event

Special Olympics Basketball – December 9



Students from around the county will enjoy medals, smiles.

The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District is hosting a Special Olympics event for Solano County at Armijo that provides athletic opportunities for students who are differently-abled, giving them a chance to participate in sports in ways that most students take for granted.

The interview with Mr. Jordan Allen took place while his students were watching the 2022 World Cup event, with the United States going against Iran. With an eye on the game, Mr. Allen explained that he played both baseball and football when he was at Armijo in 2011. He is still very involved with athletics and that got him interested in helping with the Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics allows special needs kids to participate in sports including baseball, football, soccer, and track, which gives them the opportunity to learn important life skills including team work, excepting failure or winning, and the right way of competing. The next opportunity for the Special Olympics on campus will be on Thursday, December 9, when they will be playing basketball in the Armijo gym.

Mr. Allen shared that the most rewarding part of teaching Physical Education, whether to typical students or to special needs individuals, is that some students can be encouraged to participate and discover the strength, both emotional and physical, within themselves. “It is very rewarding to work with them and its nice seeing them excited and happy when they make a goal or win,” he said.