Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Art Appreciation Fest – December 12 – 15


This is one example of the art that was displayed by IB students In March.

“A lot of people get appreciated on campus for a lot of different things but the one thing we don’t really recognize enough is the artists on campus,” said Leadership adviser Mr. Casey Towner. “We have a lot of great artists here like music artists, digital artists, and traditional artists so we wanted to represent them as well.”

With that in mind, student art work will be displayed at the Art Appreciation Fest from Monday, December 12 through Thursday, December 15.

Everyone expresses themselves differently,” said Mr. Towner. “There are people that express themselves athletically, through music, through art, and so on. I think that art is important because a lot of people express themselves that way.”

This event leads up to finals, which start the following Monday, so viewing art, as well as creating it, helps instill a sense of calm. “Art is a good outlet,” said Mr. Towner. “I think it’s cool because it helps people find their identity and when they’re good at it they end up feeling better about themselves….

“I think all art is beautiful if you put effort into it and if you believe in it enough, so I think being scared of showing it is kind of silly because if it means something to you then it might mean something to someone else as well.”

For information on how to enter your art into the Art Appreciation Fest, contact Mr. Casey Towner at [email protected].