Find out where it is better to give…

You dont have to wait to donate.

You don’t have to wait to donate.

Kiyana Mitchell, Staff writer

The days after Thanksgiving were heralded with the idea of shopping on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. The following day, November 29, was referred to as Giving Tuesday, but generosity doesn’t have to be restricted to one day.

Locally, people can donate goods, money and time to several deserving organizations. Schools can benefit from donations of backpacks and supplies. The Local Animal Shelter accepts blankets, pet food and toys, a collection that the AVID classes have done on a school level each spring.

Organizations like Goodwill accept donations of clothes and household goods and they use the proceeds to teach skills and provide work for individuals who are challenged in their lives. Other organizations, like Shelterinc   help the homeless and struggling families and accept donations of food, money and more.

Sometimes, even a small financial donation, or a regular monthly donation of a few dollars, can make a big difference in the lives of children, like a donation to St. Jude Hospitals or Shriners Children’s. When you realize how much you have, you can find ways to share it with others.

Donating to these types of organizations helps others in a variety of ways and, while it is beneficial to the receivers, there is also a special sense of self-worth to the giver.

If you are ready to give of your time, money and resources, but still don’t know where, consider checking out this site: Great Nonprofits near Me and find out how good it feels to give.