Baby, it’s cold outside!

Fashion Review: Winter Fashions


Braylen Saechao and Gwen Lim

Rafael Manobat (puffer jacket), Ariel Aguilar (brown sweater), and Rosie Saenz (Argyle sweater) demonstrate cold winter fashions. Braylen Saechao took the 1st pic, while Gwen Lim took the other two.

Wondering what to wear this winter?  All hope is not frost, for the next winter wears are for sure to catch your ice!

Winter Wish lists

I’m sure that many Armijo students are hoping to buy what’s on their wish list, or maybe some want to add to their wish list.  What are some ideas for fashion to add to those wish lists?

Kairi Saechao, a casual fashion admirer, said, “Winter wish list?  Some UGGs, a puffer jacket, a fleece jacket from Stüssy, and a hoodie from Stüssy.” Stüssy, a trending brand with high but reasonable prices because of its exclusiveness, is known for its jackets and hoodies, which are essentials for winter fashion.

There are those who have more compact yet warm things on their wish list, like Melissa Zepeda. “I’d say some legwarmers are on my wish list,” she said. “Maybe even mittens, earmuffs, and beanies.”  Legwarmers fit great with UGGs, since both are soft and comfy.  Usually, when you think of being warm, you think of warming up your upper body, but now shifting your viewpoint to your bottom half, leg warmers with UGGs can definitely keep you warm and comfy while walking!

For more wish list ideas for staples, you can look to Rafael Manobat who said, “On my wish list there’s more flannels, and another puffer. Puffers help a lot.  I’m excited to wear those.  Those are the main things.  I’d buy my puffers from Hollister or NorthFace. Oh, and H&M.  Colombia & Nike too.”

Winter Trends

What about trends this upcoming winter season?  Let’s look at what catches Armijo student’s attention in trends this winter.

Zepeda noticed more comfier trends, and said, “Maybe some more fur coats and I think you can get them online–like Shein–since I haven’t seen them in stores yet.”

Rosie Saenz mentioned winter boots since winter shoes also matter. “My favorite thing about winter fashion are the winter boots,” said Saenz. “I’d get them somewhere online.  I shop on Depop.”

Manobat recommends many other shoes, “Trending shoes like New Balance catch my eye, and Crocs.  For the New Balance, I was thinking that the 550s are really good.”

Adding on to shoe trends, Saechao said, “This winter, I actually want to get some UGGs.  And probably Birkenstock Bostons.”

There are also days with rain, and with that, many don’t want to get their shoes wet.  Arielle Aguilar said, “Especially in the rain, platforms are great so that I don’t drench my feet.”

Winter Wears

What are Armijo students excited to wear this winter, and what’s so great about winter fashion?

Saechao said, “I’m really excited to wear long sleeves first of all, and hoodies, and puffer jackets. Those are just essentials.  I buy my hoodies from H&M, or online like YesStyle or Aritzia.”

Aguilar also mentions more essentials.  “I’m excited to wear more crewnecks with turtlenecks underneath and cargo pants, and more baggier jeans,” she said.

For Alayna Galos, it’s all about the material. “I’m excited to wear fleece sweaters, fleece jackets,” she said. “I would get my fleece jackets from Nike.”

What is so great about winter fashion?

“My favorite thing about winter fashion is probably the fur,” said Zepeda. “Being able to feel warm but also look really good.  The fur coats, hoodies.  I think you should wear anything that’s obviously warm–whatever you feel comfortable wearing.  If you feel like wearing skirts for some reason, then go ahead, just as long as you feel good about yourself.”

Digging on a deeper level, Rafael Manobat said, “For winter, you can do anything with fashion.  You can put a lot of layers–different stuff–to keep you warm.  It’s really good, because in summer, it’s hot and you can’t really put things together.  In winter there’s more variety… To be honest, you can have a lot of inspiration, and I get my inspo from other people, like from Instagram, like my friend Angelo [Damien].”

“Winter means being more creative,” said Galos. “t’s so hot in the summer so you’re limited to what you can wear.  So take advantage of this winter season.”