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Video Game Review: Monopoly Madness


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The next generation of Monopoly is ready for you to download and play.

Lizzie J. Maggie’s  Monopoly, a popular board game, is probably familiar to most of us. The board game is popular and great for families. However, are you familiar with the video game Monopoly Madness? We’re going to address any questions you may have about this game.

This game’s developer, Ubisoft, has revealed Monopoly Madness, a video game that reinvents the ironic Monopoly game, was released in 2021.

On December 9, 2021, this video game was made available to the general public and was playable on a variety of platforms. These include Stadia, Windows PC via, Ubisoft Store, Xbox Series XIS, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Similar to the board game Monopoly, Monopoly Madness is intended for players 8 and up. A business simulation game is basically what the game is.

In Monopoly Madness, players compete to acquire and improve properties in Monopoly City, much as in traditional Monopoly. Chaos reigns while Mr. Monopoly is away on his well-deserved vacation. For the first time ever, Monopoly Madness brings the Monopoly experience to the arena. To win the race for riches, players roam the chaotic streets of Monopoly City, gather resources, buy and upgrade properties, annoy rivals, and dodge their tickets.

Through local co-op in Local Play, you can play Monopoly Madness by yourself, with your friends, or against Ubisoft. Connect with friends or random players in online play.

Unfortunately, not many people play this game because so few people are aware of this game, it is at least not as well-known as the board game. Hopefully after people read this the video game might gain some popularity!

This video game often ranges in price from $20.42 to $49.99 which, given that it’s online and not the actual board game, doesn’t seem all that horrible. Of course, the board game is less expensive. There are in-game purchases in the video game. Monopoly is a great game, so what would you expect from Monopoly Madness? Not many people enjoy video games that ask for more money than you already paid to get the game.

One review of the game stated; “Monopoly Madness is much better when played with friends who have different gaming platforms thanks to the variety of platforms available. To contrast with the video game, the board game is very different.”

Another review said; “It’s a great game. This is a weekend game that my friend and I play. I think people should play this game if they want something enjoyable and fun to do.”

Monopoly Madness is a fantastic video game, even though it doesn’t quite share the same enjoyment as the classic board game. Would any of you be interested in trying “Monopoly Madness”?