Fairfield honored heroes in style


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

November 11 gave Fairfield a chance to thank the brave ones who let us live in a land of the free.

Eddie Avila, Staff writer

November 11 was a special day for Fairfield residents. Community gatherings and events in general had been stagnant following the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in many events being either delayed or cancelled. The pandemic left an echo within the community, but as I sat on Texas Street on Veterans’ Day, I saw that the sidewalk was full of people eager to see a parade of cars and shows to celebrate the holiday.

I sat down outside the old theater with my family, including my sisters, cousins, and grandparents. The street was teeming with cheering crowds dressed warmly in thick coats and beanies. Joy was palpable with adults and children, cheering and whistling, as they watched cars heaped with people journey down Texas Street for this event.

Men and woman rode down in classic cars, sleek motorcycles, military caravans, and even on horseback, dancing to the tune of Rancheras. Our community’s public safety crews were represented as well. Lights and siren blared from police cruiser and fire trucks from the Fairfield Police and Fire Department, California Highway Patrol, and medical ambulances, all cruising down the thoroughfare.

All manners of community and business leaders journeyed down the road waving to passersby, but the parade was also interspersed with youth groups and bands. Entertainers, musicians, performers, and more were present at the event. It was like all of Solano County came out in to celebrate our veterans for their service as troops marched down waving flags, sharing their pride and purpose to all.

We are very charitable to vets the Bay Area. From discounts to free dental insurance, we find many small ways to thank those who risk their lives to protect our freedoms. In addition, we have developed memorials and historical sites, including a memorial to the fallen in front of the old City Hall building on Texas Street. Those who put on their uniforms to serve our countries deserve respect and is for this reason I look up to my Grandfather, who served in Vietnam under the 11th Armored Cavalry, and acknowledge his accomplishments in duty to protect our national security and rights and it is for this reason Veterans’ Day is very special to me.