Working his way through high school

Senior Spotlight-Nehemiah Hernandez

Nehemiah is making memories to take with him after high school.

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Nehemiah is making memories to take with him after high school.

Nehemiah Hernandez has been at Armijo since his freshman year, but it hasn’t always been easy. “I’ve had some ups and downs at Armijo, but the good outweighs the bad,” he said.

Because he likes to be involved, Hernandez’s favorite thing about Armijo is the events. “The Homecomings are very fun,” he said. His highlight his year was when he scored a 50-yard goal during his football game.

His favorite subject in school is welding. It “has opened me to new experiences and has given me the chance to use this talent outside of class a couple of times,” said Hernandez¨

After Hernandez leaves Armijo, he plans to go to Solano Community College but then transfer to UC Davis, with a major in Sports Medicine. While he is in college, he hopes to play sports, especially soccer. He has played that sport since he was a little boy , and now he wants to pursue his dream. He’s worked hard to have this dream and has learned that music helps him study, “especially the chill flow instrumental music,” he said.

Outside of school, Hernandez enjoys listening to and making music, going to the gym and playing football, which helps him keep active.

Now that he’s had a chance to work his way through high school, he offered this advice to future seniors: “Always stay focused , stay on top of your work, and don’t do your work at the last minute.”