Center midfield is his favorite place

Athlete Focus: Ameer Ghanem, JV Soccer

If it isnt soccer, it isnt much.

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If it isn’t soccer, it isn’t much.

Ameer Ghanem went into soccer because he found the idea of scoring a goal on the pitch to be amazing. This all started when he was only 7 years old when his father introduced him to the sport.

He’s been playing pretty much ever since, for two different club teams as well as two school teams. “I have gone to multiple championships including State Cup finals and MEL league and League finals,” he said.

Ghanem plays Center Midfield and depending, on what formation the team plays, he often ends up as the Center Attacking Midfielder, or CAM. “I don’t really plan on playing any sports besides soccer, however the idea doesn’t sound bad,” he said. “I will definitely play college soccer and hoping I get a fat career with that!”

“Last season, my most memorable game was when we played Vanden. They were in first place at the time, and we were down by a goal in the second half. We needed this game to have a chance to be champions and I assisted a teammate to tie the game. Me and my midfielders were communicating very well distributing the ball into space,” he said.

For Ghanem, there’s not much more to consider except soccer. “I’m not really involved with much, but a hobby of mine, I guess you could say, is video games,” he said.