Siblings who have each other’s backs

Sibling Spotlight (Lisandro & Sophia Tellez Soto)

Lisandro and Sofia Tellez Soto share the Armijo campus, but they also have four younger siblings that they live with. Sofia, who is a senior, is the oldest out of all her siblings with her brother Lisandro, a sophomore, following right behind. Sofia’s birthday is in September and Lisandro’s birthday is approaching in December.

Lisandro and his sister rely on each other. (Daniela Contreras)

Because they share the campus, the siblings spend quality time with each other almost every morning, walking to and from school. Sometimes Lisandro takes walks on his own to clear his mind and enjoys playing soccer. Sofia, on the other hand, enjoys activities like drawing, listening to music, cooking and playing volleyball. “I really enjoy playing volleyball although I don’t think I’m that good at it,” she said.

“We get along well and are close but not close at the same time,” Sophia said. They say they don’t have many similarities but do enjoy playing video games together.

Sophia Tellez Soto loves that her brother shares the campus with her. (ID Photo)

While there are drawbacks to having a sibling on campus, knowing who your friends are and if there are secrets you don’t want to share, there are also benefits. For the Tellez siblings, their favorite part is that they are able to give each other advice when needed. Having a sibling’s perspective on different situations can be really helpful. Their primary language is Spanish, so knowing that there’s someone nearby who speaks the language and knows their personal history can be comforting.