What is the Bible’s view on generosity?



Proverbs is where you can find an explanation on generosity

Viridiana White, Staff Writer

In Proverbs, the Bible talks about how generosity is rewarded. Fair is fair, and wrong is wrong. Those who are fair and generous will receive the same as they give out. Those who are unfair and cruel, you will soon regret it. Even attempts of doing the right thing are rewarded, but for those who try to be wicked, trouble will then start to find them.

People who constantly cheat are disliked and looked upon, while those who are honest have many friends and are to be trusted. Pride isn’t a good thing for someone to have because it leads to shame. The Bible teaches that it is better for someone to be humble, it is wiser. When you lie you’re going to be trapped in your own very dishonesty.

According to the Bible, money is not evil, but being in love with it leads to evil (1 Timothy 6:10). That is why generosity is such an important part of life. It is in giving it away that we are blessed (2 Corinthians 9:6-8).

In the book of Luke, Jesus shares an example of generosity when he talks of a woman who was willing to give up all that she had, but it wasn’t much. Sometimes we think we have to give a lot to receive a blessing, but the story of the widow’s mite tells us that we only have to give what we can, because God knows our heart.