The premise is intriguing at least

Book Review: The End by Mats Strandberg

Sometimes a good story is worth reading only once.

Sometimes a good story is worth reading only once.

Ayleth Monserrath Murillo Andrade, Entertainment editor

Whilst reading The End by Mats Strandberg, all I kept thinking about was how simple everything felt. I was waiting for something big to catch my interest but it felt as though nothing was really happening.

On Simon & Schuster’s webpage, the publisher described the plot like this: “With a massive comet hurtling toward Earth, humanity now knows the exact date. It’s the end of the world and seventeen-year-old Simon wants to spend his last weeks with the people he cares about most, especially his goal-oriented swimmer ex-girlfriend, Tilda, who dumped him shortly after the news broke.”

When I read the description I felt intrigued, but as soon as I read the first page I forgot what the book was supposed to be about. The writing played a big role in my opinion of the book. It was originally written in Swedish, but the way the characters were written, even in English, made them rather annoying and repetitive. The way the author explained the story felt a bit exaggerated, but it still felt like there was no progress being made.

Overall the book was something of an experience! The End was definitely a memorable book and, although personally I would not read it again, I definitely think that someone who’s looking for something new would appreciate it