A role model for his players

Coach Feature: Alonso Frias, Boys’ Soccer

Coach Frias moves the team to action.


Coach Frias moves the team to action.

Coach Alonso Frias has been coaching at Armijo since 2019. He decided to coach Boys’ Junior Varsity (JV) soccer for two reasons: his love for the sport and wanting to help players in as many ways as possible.

Coach Frias grew up in Fairfield and played soccer himself. He said that, in his 15+ years of playing soccer, he didn’t have a good role model or coach who helped his process and he doesn’t want his players to have that. He wants to be that role model. It’s important to Coach Frias that players are gaining something from his coaching, not only by becoming better soccer players but by being better students, too.

A good team is a team that has chemistry, understands the importance of academics, and wants to continue learning, according to Coach Frias. A good team takes stuff seriously while also enjoying the sport. A good team wins at the end of the day.

It’s not always easy coaching, though. Since Coach Frias coaches JV soccer, a challenge he faces is adapting to different players and their skill levels. Each team, and each player, reacts differently but Coach Frias is still able to relate to players and communicate what they have going on and what they need help with.

What motivates Coach Frias and his players the most is the results, showing what they practiced on the field resulting in a win. His teams have been very successful over the years, with back-to-back championships, so it’s extra motivating going into the current season. It’s motivating seeing the enjoyment and development of the players every day

Outside of coaching, Coach Frias still likes to be involved in soccer, playing with friends and family or watching his favorite teams, but he also like to play video games on his X-box or Nintendo