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Senior Spotlight: Tatiyana Garcia

Tatiyana has a lot to look back on at Armijo.

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Tatiyana has a lot to look back on at Armijo.

Ayanna Jackson, Staff writer

Tatiyana Garcia started going to Armijo as a freshman, and is now coming to the end of her roller coaster ride through the challenges of COVID and more. She’s looking forward to graduating and that has been one of her primary goals since she started at Armijo, but she has not decided where she will end up for college in the fall.

Garcia doesn’t really do a lot after school, but handles her responsibilities: going to work, coming back home, going to school and then doing it all over again.

When she is at school, she most enjoys her history class, because her favorite teacher, Mr. Tyler Losburger, has helped make her senior year a lot easier. She is proud of what she’s been doing this year and her diploma will be the perfect way to end her high school career.

While high school has been made up of classes and work, there’s a lot more about Garcia that has influenced her life. Like any teen, she has her favorites – food, Mexican; color, green. She likes to paint and she also likes to crochet. Garcia is an independent young woman who handles her business.

While she is at the end of her high school experience, she shared some advice for students who are looking at the senior year in their future: “Worry about your school work,” she said. “It’s the most important thing you need to stay on top of.”