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College Focus: Georgetown University


This Washington DC institution offers an array of majors for the dedicated college freshman.

Dulce Bernal Ortiz, People editor

Are you in the search of a university that is reputable for focusing on research? How about one that is located on the East Coast of the US? Then, this is the place for you!

Georgetown University is a private research university located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C, founded in 1789 by John Carroll. Over time, it has grown to include both undergraduate and graduate schools, such as the Walsh School of Foreign Science, McDonough School of Business, Medical School, Law School, and as a side note, an extension of the campus is found in Qatar. Many degree programs are offered in around 48 disciplines, so there is a wide variety to choose from. For more information:

Georgetown has an acceptance rate of 12% and an early acceptance rate of 10.8%, which is highly selective.[/pullquote]Georgetown University is known for being the world’s leading institutions in government and international relations. The International Relations graduate program offered here, according to their website, “…prepares students for successful careers by introducing them to cutting-edge research across the field and training them to be productive and professional scholars.” Students must develop specific core strengths, which pertain to International Security, International Political Economy, International Law and Organizations, Methodology, in addition to attending seminars and networking with important scholars. However, before entering the program, many students have taken up faculty positions and been awarded fellowships from top universities.

Georgetown has an acceptance rate of 12% and an early acceptance rate of 10.8%, which is highly selective. Around half of the applicants had an SAT score between 1410 and 1550, or an ACT score between 32 and 35. An applicant’s GPA is critical in the admissions process, as well as class rank and letters of recommendation. The application deadline is January 10, with a fee of $75.

Tuition here is approximately $62,000, and comparing that to the national average cost of tuition of $41,500, it is more expensive. Keep in mind the cost of tuition and fees, as well as the cost of room and board, books and supplies, technology resources, library services, campus health centers, student centers, transportation and personal expenses.

Adding all of that together, tuition would end up being around $82,500, but financial aid is available for students, which can come in the form of student grants, loans, and scholarships. You can also fill out the FAFSA form, which opens every October 1, and is recommended by many experts, as every year, thousands of dollars are being unclaimed by students.

Some of the most notable alumni from Georgetown University include American actor Bradley Cooper, American journalist Maria Shriver, American jurist Antonin Scalia, and American television news anchor Greta Van Susteren.