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Club Focus: Board Game Club


Photo by VD Photography on Unsplash

Board games have grown up and so have you!

Jacen Hansbrow, Staff writer

The Board Game Club meets every Thursday in B-2 with the sole purpose of playing, you guessed it, board games.

Sammi Passey, club president, shared the origins of this club was originally formed in 2019 by Ethan Smith. They tend to play board games which have been created in the last 10 years, those which mostly involve strategy or collaboration. The games are usually decided by the club president herself or by a group vote. Passey tends to run the games herself to make sure everything works out properly.

I joined in on the games after I interviewed her. The game we all played was this bidding on properties type game where it involved you starting out with a set amount of money and bidding on the properties to gain them so you could sell them at the end.

We played through the bidding rounds which is where you would try to bid on the highest level property to avoid getting the lowest level property. After getting through that I had some money saved up and a couple decent properties.

The next round was the selling round, where the payments were randomly selected and the biggest number decided based on cards. I played my good cards for the higher number payments and ended up winning in the end.

I would seriously recommend this club if you enjoy playing board games or if you are competitive. It was a fun experience.