Similar names but different personalities

Sibling Spotlight – Shivnesh & Shivnita Prasad


Daniela Contreras

Shivnesh Prasad is grateful to have his sister on campus.

Shivnesh, Shivnita and Shivnay Prasad all live in the same household which, despite the similarities in their names, does not cause any real problems. Shivnesh and Shivnita both attend Armijo but their schedules are different most of the day, but during sixth period they share a band class.

“I think the best thing about having my brother on campus is how he’ll have my back. It’s nice having someone from my home at Armijo because it makes me feel more comfortable,” said Shivnita.

The campus is big so they rarely run into each other, but when they do, it can be awkward. “We both act differently in school than at home which kind of makes it funny,” she said.

“The worst thing is them annoying me during the school day and at home,” said Shivnesh, who didn’t have to worry about his little sister being on Armijo’s campus until this year.

Shivnita Prasad is still learning the ropes at AHS. – ID Photo

Shivnita and Shivnesh did share the campus when they attended Crescent Elementary School, but Armijo may be the last campus they share. “I don’t think we plan on attending the same colleges,” Shivnesh said. He isn’t sure what he wants to do after college, but he does intend to go. His sister hasn’t mapped out her plans beyond high school.

Both Shivnesh and Shivnita enjoy music and are part of the marching band. Shivnesh said that he enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing video games and playing musical instruments in his spare time. “I’m involved with the marching band, mallet ensemble,” he said. He also plans to join the Psychology Club on campus.

Shivnita prefers hanging out with her family and binge-watching movies.

“I think [Shivnesh] would say it’s awkward going to the same high school together as he’s not used to it,” Shivnita said. She’ll have a chance to experience being the only one in her family at Armijo for the next few years.

Still, Shivnesh thinks she would also see the value of having a big brother on campus. “I think [Shivnita] would say that I’m a chill person,” he said. “I don’t really bother them and if they need help with something I’ll help them.”