She always comes back to her roots

Far from Home (Lizbeth Bedolla – Mexico)


Daniela Contreras

Lizbeth goes to Mexico as often as she can!

Cynthia Ayala-Torres, Staff Writer

Although she lives in California, Lizbeth Bedolla travels to Guanajuato, Mexico, a couple of times a year. Both of her parents grew up there and she usually travels with them and one of her siblings, and they usually spend a couple of weeks there. During the pandemic, however, she spent almost two months there.

The family flies to the country so often because they have extended family there and Bedolla enjoys being able to see all of her family over there and eating all of the good food they make. “One of my favorite food dishes out there is tacos, of course,” she said.

When she is there she likes to spend time with her cousins, doing whatever sounds interesting. They often go out on motorcycles or visit local restaurants. In Guanajuato, it seems like there are endless things to do, but enjoying the food and the views from the plazas are some of the most memorable events and she is looking forward to the next chance she gets to visit.