Counselors extend a helping hand


Daniela Contreras

Counselors can provide useful tools for students.

Kayla Smith, Staff writer

One of the best things about Armijo High School is the collection of excellent counselors on campus: Ms. Rebecca Lusk, Ms. Kim Mihelich, Ms. Kimberly McGuire, Mr. Carlos Aguilar, Ms. Karina Cervantes, Ms. Aimee Cheatham, and Ms. Sandy Anderson all serve in one of the most important roles on site. In addition to providing academic help, these individuals also help students emotionally

Many people follow their dreams because of positive role models, but Ms. Cervantes is different. “I became a counselor because my own high school counselor was terrible,” she said. “Besides, going to college or working at a job that didn’t require a college degree? I did not know I had other options.”

One of her goals as a counselor is to help students recognize that they have many options after high school and they are not limited to only going to college or working immediately. Ms. Cervantes went to Sacramento State, but lets students know that there are many other options.

A common misconception about counselors is that, when they call a student to the office, they are there to get that student in trouble, but that is completely false. “We do not discipline students,” said Ms. Cervantes. “Seeing a counselor isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes when we call students to our offices it can be as simple as a ‘check-in’. Students shouldn’t think counselors are against them, but instead believe they are there to listen to students’ needs and concerns.”

What is a Counselor?
Counselors are staff who help students academically and emotionally throughout their years of high school. Some of the things they do include helping students enroll in classes, reviewing transcripts, establishing academic plans, setting goals, finding solutions to problems, and providing school information for clubs, leadership, school events, and more. They also can help students emotionally, helping students deal with mental health, a crisis, suicidal thoughts, and even just a random check-in.

When is a good time to visit your counselor?

  • During office hours by appointment: 8:00 AM to 4 PM
  • Wednesday after school
  • During lunch

Your designated counselor depends on the first letter of your last name.

  • Ms. Lusk (A – CL) is currently on leave through the fall semester
  • Ms. Mihelich (Co – G & A – Bell)
  • Ms. McGuire (H – Me & Bro- Cab)
  • Mr. Aguilar (Mi – R & Bro-Cab)
  • Ms. Cervantes (S – Z & Cac- CL)

How can you set up a meeting with your counselor?

  • QR codes around campus
  • Emailing your counselor
  • Posters in the counselor’s office