Keeping Armijo’s campus clean


Daniela Contreras

It’s not easy cleaning after hundreds of students, but Mr. Mendez takes pride in making it look easy.

Everyone at Armijo loves a clean campus, but how does that come to be? It is all under the leadership of Mr. Raul Mendez Garibay, the head custodian on campus.

Mr. Mendez is a hard-working custodian and he was happy to admit that students this year are being much more respectful of the campus. In spite of that, there are still challenges keeping the school clean and Armijo students have been stepping up. “It’s a big campus,” said Mr. Mendez. “If a student sees trash, then he’ll put it in the trash.”

It is easy for students to make his job easier. “Make sure garbage is put in the trash bin,” he said. “If you see garbage, just throw it in the trash can.” By taking care of those little things as individuals, students can give the custodial staff opportunities to take care of the various other challenges on campus.

Mr. Mendez has been at Armijo for several years and it is because he enjoys the students and the staff. “I love the school very much because I like helping kids and the community.” While he puts in long hours at school, he also stays busy at home. “I take care of my four kids and continue cleaning.”

If he could give advice to students at our school, he said he would encourage them to “respect your parents and teachers. Make sure to turn in your assignments so you get into a good school. Just continue working hard!”