Special Grad Nite event Tuesday, November 8

Ticket sales are Tuesdays at lunch by the Treasurer’s Office



Along with all the other activities, graduates will be able to race around the track throughout the night.

Ms. Lori Russell, Grad Nite Coordinator

This year, the event will be at K1Speedway so a representative from K1Speed will be at Armijo to display one of their race cars. Will you be there?

The last big celebration of Senior Year takes planning — and tickets. Get yours on Tuesday.

Grad Nite is an annual once-in-a-lifetime event where graduating seniors can have one last night of fun with their friends. It takes place after graduation. Traditionally, it has been held in the Armijo gym and surrounding areas, but this year it will be held at K1Speedway. Still, it will feature food, games and prizes. Tickets will go up in price closer to the event, so buying yours early will benefit you. Also, the first 100 seniors to purchase Grad Nite tickets get $10,000 Grad Nite Bucks to purchase raffle prize tickets at the event!

But wait! The first 50 seniors to purchase Grad Nite tickets will also get a Dutch Bros. Gift Card.

The Grad Nite committee is making it easy to get your tickets, which will also be available Tuesday, November 15 in the usual location as well as after school, for seniors who have no sixth period, near the gate by the office leading to the parking lot.