This freshman has years to improve his game

Athlete Focus – Tao Atuatasi, JV Football

Toa has earned his position on the team.

Toa has earned his position on the team.

Ayleth Monserrath Murillo Andrade, Entertainment editor

Football is an important part of most high school experiences, for the players as well as the crowds, adrenaline is pumping at every game.

Tao Atuatasi is experiencing this excitement as a high school player for the first time this year, but Atuatasi has been playing football for eight years. The season for Armijo’s Junior Varsity (JV) team has definitely been fun and, for Atuatasi, this season has been quite “good overall!”

“It’s an alright team!” he said. “We could improve in some areas”. He went on to say that, although the team was good, there were many areas in which they needed some more practice!

Many football players have idols or individuals who encouraged them to play. For Atuatasi, that would be his brother. It was simply watching him play that inspired Atuatasi to take up the sport. Now that he’s been playing for a while, he hopes to continue, at least through high school if not well into college and beyond.