The best year is the last year

Athlete Focus – Jacob Winzer, Varsity Football

Jacob ended the year with pride in his effort.

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Jacob ended the year with pride in his effort.

A great representative for the Armijo Varsity Football team is Jacob Winzer, #17. Winzer has wanted to make his last year on the team his best.

The Royals isn’t the first team that he has been played for. Winzer started playing football when he was about five. He was first introduced to the sport because of his father’s interest in it. His father pushed him to play football when he was younger, and continues to push him to play.

As a Royal, Winzer plays middle linebacker. It’s not an easy position and he has to go through the regular workouts that include running and position drills.

“I get along with my brothers,” he said, but when he says ‘brothers’ he is actually talking about his actual teammates. Like many of the players, he thinks of his teammates as his own family. All the teammates get along very well and have each other’s backs.

Because these bonds can be formed early, Winzer recommends freshmen to try out for football, “because it’s a great program and the coaches are great people,” he said. For students seeking a place to fit in, a position on the football team is a great place to start.

Winzer enjoys playing football, both competitively in school and for fun. It’s been a dream of his to play football at San Jose State. He also enjoys playing video games.