Time to consider a career in watchmaking

College Focus – NAIOSW


Precision and accuracy pay off in an education in watch-making.

Dulce Bernal Ortiz, Co-Editor-in-Chief/People Editor

Have you ever considered pursuing a career in watchmaking? Did you even know there is a place to learn this skill professionally? Well, now you do!

The North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking, also known as NAIOSW, was established in 2008. A year later, education formally began with the Richemont Group, with the purpose of educating and training watchmakers successfully for a career in luxury watch repair. They are partnered with the independent Swiss Foundation for Watchmaking, also known as WOSTEP, who offer an extensive and rigorous watchmaking program of 3,000 hours.

As mentioned previously, the NAIOSW officially began teaching in 2009, and since then they have been providing free tuition to several classes of potential students in watchmaking. The college is located in Fort Worth, Texas, and specializes in the precision that Swiss watchmakers have taken pride in for generations.

The selection process for NAIOSW is very strict and rigorous. Only a select few are chosen from a large pool of applicants for each class to attend the two-year program. As part of their tuition, students are given the necessary tools, materials, books, and equipment they need in their education of professional watchmaking.

The program is 3,000 hours long, but there is an additional requirement where students must pass five intermediate exams and one final exam.

This program is open to students of any age, gender, and background, who have the motivation and passion to build a successful career in watchmaking.