This kind of balance is important

Senior Spotlight – Ahron Pineda

Ahron has a lot to look forward to in his senior year.

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Ahron has a lot to look forward to in his senior year.

Ayanna Jackson, Staff Writer

Ahron Pineda is very excited to graduate. “It lets me know that we are all growing up and we can’t rely on our parents anymore,” he said.

As he’s preparing to face the post-graduate world, Pineda recognized that he will have to leave the interesting people at Armijo behind, at least for the time being. He said that he has met lots of his friends at Armijo and is very grateful for it, but he is headed to community college in the fall where he can complete his prerequisites before transferring to a four year university. He plans to eventually become a nurse.

This year felt different to him  because it has been relaxing, not so much in his classrooms but around campus. He said that he noticed students are not hanging out as much. After two years of disrupted education, and a year of the student body adjusting to new leadership and remembering traditional behaviors, the halls seem different this year.

Pineda has already started to explore the world around him, because he has a job that he balances with school. He only works on weekends so he can use the other days to focus on school and school work. This includes keeping on top of one of his favorite classes, Virtual Enterprise. This kind of balance is important to Pineda and he would encourage other students to develop similar good study habits as well as learning to take some good notes to study at home.

Reading books and learning code are two of Pineda’s hobbies.