Open the book to volunteering

Volunteer – Amanda Johnston, library


Jada-Lynne LeBlanc

Amanda loves the connections between books and people.

Alayna Adkins, Staff Writer

Earlier in the year, Amanda Johnston could often be found at the Suisun Library on Pintail Drive. Until recently, this Armijo senior served as a volunteer at the site, and started serving the library in March of 2022.

Johnston contributed a lot by cleaning the bookshelves, helping organize certain areas of the library, and helping out in certain programs the library held for elementary school students. Johnson enjoyed seeing the smiles on the faces of the children, especially when passing out ice cream at a special event.

Johnston’s favorite part about working there was being around friends and being able to contribute ideas to the programs the librarians would run. “The Librarians help make sure that you are always safe and if you are ever uncomfortable that they can help make it a safe place for you,” said this dedicated volunteer, highlighting the benefits of working in the library.

The library was one of the centerpieces of Johnson’s childhood, who believes that this history encouraged a positive volunteer experience. “All of the people in there are always very kind, incredibly sweet and understanding,” Johnson said.