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In This Class – The Multimedia Academy


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Students work together to make Multimedia come alive.

Sa’Nya Mian, Staff writer

Have you heard about the Multimedia Academy here at Armijo? Or just wanted more information about it? Keep reading!

What is it?

The Multimedia Academy is a three-year Career Technical Education (CTE) program. In the first year, sophomores experience the introductory course of Digital Arts. This is the course where they learn digital literacy, graphics and website development, the principles of art and more.

In their junior year, students in the Multimedia Academy cover video production. There, they are introduced to broadcasting, the different phases of production, planning and more.

Seniors in the Academy take a course in digital storytelling. In this last part of the course, students focus on the importance of using various broadcasting methods to educate and inform the Armijo community.

While students in the Multimedia Academy take computer classes every year, they also get academy classes (AC) in the core subjects. Joining the Academy is not simply one class period. Instead, students in the Academy are able to incorporate their computer skills into their other AC classes. For example, in English students, have been able to factor filming into assignments they have.

Another benefit to having Academy classes is that participants are surrounded by other students who are also members of the Multimedia Academy, a strategy that allows students to grow and work with new and familiar groups of people over time.

What benefits does The Multimedia Academy provide?

Academically, The Multimedia Academy helps students to experience critical thinking and advanced technology skills, but it also helps them enhance their social skills because they work together with different people on different things. Students are able to experience and accomplish more complex tasks, developing skills that will be valuable outside of school and in many different careers.

The Multimedia Academy also goes on field trips, allowing the students to explore a variety of places and have fun while expanding their knowledge away from the campus.

What are limitations about The Multimedia Academy?

One main limitation of the Multimedia Academy is that the students who are part of this program cannot be part of other programs. However, students who have wanted to join Multimedia Academy but were already in the IB program, for instance, have been allowed to request a change for a program as long as it was within a specific time frame.

Should you join The Multimedia Academy?

The Multimedia Academy is open to anyone who is interested after completing the freshman year. The program aims for students who are hardworking and dedicated to expanding their knowledge in technology and certain real world situations. Students in the Academy should be willing to learn from the feedback on what they may create and never give up on improving their skills.

Students in the Academy will be put in situations where they work with different people all the time. This ensures that they keep up their social skills and to have fun while doing so.

If the Multimedia Academy sounds like something you’re truly interested in, you can meet with your counselor or reach out to our Multimedia instructors via email: [email protected] or  [email protected]

Additional words from our Multimedia students

“I joined the Multimedia Academy because I wanted to gain more skills in digital arts and in filming and editing. I also joined because I saw the morning broadcasts every day during my freshman year and it really made me appreciate the art of filming and editing. The skits were hilarious…” said Khalia Brewster. “It can be stressful sometimes but as long as you have a good team to work with you can overcome anything.”

Calogero Regaldo said, “I joined the academy to get into digital arts and get more experience in technology, I have enjoyed my experience so far but I still have a lot to learn.”

And why did Jayla Branchcomb join? “Because I enjoyed growing with a group of people that’s familiar to me, and learning different editing skills that were very beneficial over time.”

Don’t forget to reach out to counseling or our Multimedia instructors Lori Gonzalez and Anthony Gonzalez for additional information!