Not your ordinary pet


Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

Who needs a dog when you can have a furry little guinea pig?

Imagine coming home to a white corn snake every day. That’s what Lucas Maynes has to look forward to after school. Maynes’s snake is named Ghost after a white wolf from Game of Thrones. When he got the snake, he thought that the name was very fitting, considering its coloring.

This was not an impulse purchase for Maynes. “I’ve always wanted a reptile and they are interesting to me,” he said.

Ghost is only a few weeks old so the connection he has with Maynes is growing. “Snakes don’t bond well, but he does recognize me when he sees me,” said Maynes.

While Maynes has an animal that stays close to the ground, Emiliano “Milo” Martinez has one that has wings. His family got a cockatiel that then named Funny Valentine because they were tired of taking care of a dog.

The name came from a character in a manga who was an evil president who was also funny and silly. Martinez has a strong connection with his bird and often bonds him when the bird is flying around their room. Funny Valentine is also friendly with other people.

While many students have dogs or cats, a few have more unusual pets, like Faith Powell and her guinea pig or Vanessa Rivas Ceja, who has a hamster and fishes.

One student admitted ownership of a bearded dragon named Loki and a baby chameleon, but there are probably several other students who have unusual pets. Is one of them you?

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