October is the month to honor our pets and animals



It is very important to take great care of the pets that we love!

This month is a special time for animals because it is both World Animal Month and National Animal Safety and Protection Month. It is important to be able to recognize when an animal is in pain because they cannot tell us. Another way we can protect the safety of our animals is to stay up to date with their vaccines. Keeping dogs away from dangerous human foods, including candy, avocado, coffee, apricot pits, apple seeds, and more, is important as well. They can cause pets to have symptoms including low blood sugar, liver disease, and / or vomiting. These symptoms should always be addressed quickly to ensure the safety and health of the pet.

Dogs and cats aren’t the only animals that are being looked out for this time of the year. The Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral Day looks out for the spiritual welfare of animals and takes place on October 4. On this holiday, animals can come to local churches to receive blessings.

It stems from Saint Francis, the patron saint of animals. It also a time where people are asked to donate food and blankets to animal shelters.

This year, there will be a ceremony on Saturday, October 22, from 9 am to noon at Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship at 4177 Suisun Valley Road in Fairfield. The Solano College Speech and Debate Club will debate about whether pets go to heaven will be hosted by the church on Friday, October 21, at 7 pm.

Later in the month, there is the opportunity to celebrate National Hug a Sheep Day on Saturday, October 29. National Hug a Sheep Day is meant to encourage an appreciation for sheep, which symbolize creativity, innovativeness, and peace. They provide wool, dairy products, and graze lands.

Other times to honor animals and the people who help them throughout the month include World Farm Animals Day on October 2, World Animal Day on October 4 and Veterinarian Nurse Day on October 14.