Three states, worlds apart

Far from Home: Noah Lee, from coast to coast


Daniela Contreras

Noah’s journey to Fairfield took him thousands of miles.

Ask many students here at Armijo where they were born, and they will likely tell you one of the seven cities in Solano County, but not Noah Lee. He was born in Aurora, Colorado and lived there for nine years.

“I moved from Colorado to New Hampshire in 2014,” he said. That’s a distance of over 2,000 miles and he and his family stayed on the East Coast until June of 2020. That’s when they moved to Fairfield, California, traveling about 3,000 miles back across the country.

“I miss Colorado because my family is there,” said Lee. He remembers his childhood home as a nice suburban area.

“I miss New Hampshire’s fall weather and the movie theater Chunky’s,” he said.

Despite his travels around the country, Lee is pretty much a typical teenager, with a range of interests and goals. He enjoys listening to Phonk music. He’s not sure if he wants to go to college but he does have plans to be a zookeeper.

His family has moved from place to place because his father’s jobs were spread far apart. He came to Armijo because it was the closest high school to his current home. Lee said, “I like how it’s outdoors and [I like] the Multimedia Academy.” He also said that he would consider visiting the states he’s lived in earlier, “but I think this is where I’ll live here from now on.”